We heard you.
Meet the new CardioSignal.

A new CardioSignal version is now available!

Following your heart has never been this easy.

Try it out now.


What’s New?

Measurement history at a glance

Now you can easily see your measurement history. Clear color-coding tells you right away when you have measured and whether you have detected atrial fibrillation.

More vital signs

In addition to your heart rate, you can now see your respiration rate and your heart rate variability (HRV) values too!

Stroke Risk assessment

CardioSignal now comes with a health survey tool for stroke risk assessment.

The tool is based on the method the healthcare professionals use to calculate stroke risk for patients with atrial fibrillation (the CHA₂DS₂-VASc score).

Easy to use, as before

The measurement continues to be super easy. Just lie down, place your phone on your chest for 60 seconds, and you are all done!

Clear results and guidance

Clear results to keep you up to date and guide you forward. Your life, our Priority.

How do I update my old app?

The CardioSignal system has been renewed and improved entirely. This is how you update:

  1. Update your CardioSignal app in your app store.
  2. Create a new account, enter your email and a password.
  3. You’ll receive an automated verification email. Click the link in the email.
  4. Done. Enjoy following your heart!

Existing customers

If you have a paid subscription, make sure you click the “Restore your subscription here” option when you see the screen shown on the side.

This will reload your subscription information from the App Store and Google Play Store.

If needed, do check the frequently asked questions for quick answers. Also, our friendly customer support is always at your disposal at support@precordior.com.


  • Paid subscriptions are not affected by the release campaign offer.